# Week 5

# Tuesday

## Broadsides

- post and submit your broadside (if you didn't do so on Thursday)

## Hypertext

- You brainstormed several possible approaches for homework. Share your blog with two classmates and get reactions (spoken and comments on your blog).

- Make sure you have thought through such questions as:

Do you want to invite exploration, wandering, a challenging maze, or some other dynamic? Do you want many (hundreds) of short passages/nodes, connecting to many others? Or many passages connecting to few others with limited choices? Or do you want large passages with a few choices? Are all passages a like or do they have difference flavors? How can your words and the design of a group of passages signal their unity? Do you want to orient your reader (easing them into the experience?) Do you want readers to be able to return to the start or map for orientation? Back links?

- Add an “about” statement to your Twine draft in which you explain your goals.

## Twine Workshop

- images: absolute link

`<img src=“http://website.com/images/image.jpg />`

#### Try It

1. Login to your Reclaim web space 2. Go to “file manager” 2. Create a folder called /twine 3. Upload an image to that folder 4. Make a link in your Twine following the pattern above and test it.

## Work on your Twine

This should work for background images as well as inline images. You will get best results if you edit an image to be the appropriate size for display in your Twine. Use Adobe Photoshop or another tool. You can also give a similar style to ALL the images in your Twine for symmetry if you like. See Images

# Homework

Share a Twine in Progress via Dropbox by Thursday's class. Your twine should have your name in the filename AND on a title page/screen. Include one “about” link from your main page.

Upload drafts to Dropbox

View Drafts in Dropbox

# Twines will be a due a week from Today

# Thursday

## Sign and Hang Broadsides

## Website / Blogs

Health check. You should have 5 posts on your blog. You should have at least two links from your homepage (1. to blog; 2 to the PDF of your broadside).

Reminders: update_the_homepage, beginning_a_webpage,

## Twine Work


1. Create an “about” page

2. Make sure your visual style suits the content.

3. Reflect on the “shape” of the reader experience; look at your map.

4. Address all dead ends.

5. Proof read.

Cycling Link Test

## Homework

1. Prepare a draft of your Twine for peer “player testing” and proofreading on Tuesday.

2. Read two of the following and post a reaction to your blog. Think about form and content, especially how the piece uses (or simulates) a social media environment for literary purposes.

Elit - Fall of the House of Marsha link

Elit - Alan Bigelow Instagram

Elit - Bigelow How to Rob a Bank

Elit - JR Carpenter Google Map