# Week 3

# Tuesday

## Discuss: Lupton on Design

- Letter Size | Scale | Mixing - Text Kerning and Tracking | L:ine Spacing and Alignment | Vertical Text | Heirarchy - Grid Golden, Multicolumn, and Modular

Notes: Check File Persistence on Desktop. Explain Image file linking and file types .indd versus .pdf. Show image scaling. Show grid tips: CNTRL + ' and ALT/CNTRL +' Show how to create a color swatch.

## In Design Lab


### Discuss

- Constraints on posting at IUP

- Writers' Studio “branding”

The majority of the class today will involve working on the layout of your broadside via Adobe In-Design.

sketchSherwood Draft Sherwood v2

- Save both base file (*.indd) and images to your server space .

- Your final version must be exported as a PDF.

- When you have a proof for my review, name it “Lastname-Firstname-Broadside-Proof.pdf” and Upload it Here

## Homework

- Share draft Broadside with Sherwood, if you didn't do it during class.

# Thursday

## Lab work - Broadsides

This will be the final class session we devote to design and revision. If you submitted a draft last class, please check out my comments on your file here. Everyone else, your draft is now due!

## Introducing Hypertext

- Michael Joyce's definition

- Ted Nelson coiner of Hypertext

- The infamous, Shelly Jackon's _My Body a Wunderkammer_ Electronic Literature Collection

## Homework

- Read: Michael Joyce, from _Of Two Minds: Hypertext Pedagogy and Poetics_. Google Book Link (PP. 19-22, 31-35)

- Choose one hypertext from the list below; explore it, blog on it, and prepare to introduce it to classmates