# Week 2

# Tuesday

## Tech Check

1. Problems with Blogs?

2. Let's quickly update the homepage

## McLuhan

Medium is the Massage

- Discuss blog posts on McLuhan. - Visual rhetoric versus visual poetics

Katie and Marissa on McLuhan : What makes this effective rhetoric or poetics? page image

## Poetry Broadsides

### Introduction

“Broadsides” may feature poems or other literature, but also have a history of including political texts, sometimes verging on advertising. As you look at how they are composed / designed, you'll also notice some period styles and elements reflective of the technology used to produce them (letterpress, lithograph, typewriter, mimeo/xerox, and desktop publishing). They may be designed as limited-edition “art objects” or as public texts to hang on the wall.

### Activity

1 Choose an example to discuss with a partner in class. What do you like about the text? How does the visual / material aspect of the broadside shape its meaning or the viewer's experience?

Gallery of Broadsides and Visual Poems

2 Reverse-engineer a prompt for this broadside


  1. Bob Cobbing's Grin: Take a powerfully emotional word, then write 4-5 permutations (words that are spelling similarly or rhyme or someone closely relate); then arrange on the page in a way that leads the eye or represents the emotion. Sherwood visual poem

3. In class writing

Draft a possible broadside text in response to one of the prompts above.

## Homework

Read: Kyle Schlesinger, A Look At Some Contemporary Poetry Broadsides http://www.thevolta.org/ewc29-kschlesinger-p1.html Review Gallery of Broadsides and Visual Poems and choose one example that inspires you. Compose a a short, original text (or re-envision something you have previously written) which might be suitable for a broadside. Then in your blog post discuss what kind of visual goals you might bring to designing one for it. (What I mean here is … don't design it yet, but think along Schlessinger's lines about whether you want display font, integrated image, etc.)

# Thursday

## Discussion of Broadside Texts

Groups of three; peer reactions; revision suggestions.

What are the “special” requirements of a broadside suitable text?

Brief discussion: Broadside

## Crayon Time

Make several (at least three) quick sketches illustrating how ou might want your broadside to look.

## Tech Time

Introducing Adobe InDesign Desktop publishing tools have much more flexibility than MS Word or Google Docs. When designing a broadside, poster, or other print publication, you want to have absolute control over the look and placement of the type. It is NOT simpler; no one would use In Design for writing and revising a course paper. BUT it gives you total control AND encourages you to think precisely about how the visual aspect of your work complements the content.

  1. Creating a document
  2. paper size (Tabloid / 11×17)
  3. Adding a grid / rulers
  4. Setting a Background (gradiant)
  5. Making and moving Text Blocks
  6. Working with Layers

# Homework


  1. Make a revision to your design sketch and/or the text (content) for your broadside. Post notes (and images?) to your blog to show your process. Your text must be finalized by Tuesday