Table of Contents

Week 14

PSA Virtual “Lit Night” online May 1

Tuesday 4/21

  • Finish: listening to peers' podcasts; reading peers' artists' books
  • Questions/ Discussion about final projects.
  • Review of our course timeline:
    • Week 15 - working on Final Projects
    • Final Project due April 30 at class time
    • Final Exam 5/7 at 10:15am - Required Zoom Meeting -Presentation of your Final Projects to the class. (Max 10 minutes)


  • Work on your final project
  • Edits / polish to your homepage and blog. (Do all the links work?)

Thursday 4/23

  1. Check-ins via GroupMe
  2. Open for individual Zoom meetings (option) for anyone needing help or feedback on their final project
  3. Homepages (remember to check links; you'll want to remove the link for 4 Podcast or 5 Artist's Book, since you only did one.
  4. Work on your projects
  5. For fun, I'm doing the #atlanticpoetrychallenge Link. Anyone else feel inspired?

#iup_writers_studio #atlanticpoetrychallenge


Work on your final project. Post a 1-paragraph update on your progress to the blog.