# Week 12

## Tuesday 4/7

Status Check

  • How is your work with your mini-projects going?
  • Are you running into problems? Are you having fun?



## HW

Finish and upload mini-projects

## Thursday 4/9

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EXTENSION - Mini-Project is Due by Tuesday. Please try to upload by Monday

Class today: - Please check-in via Groupme

- Please share some process document on your blog.

- When you have posted, make a request to your classmates for some specific feedback you would like. (Ex. do you need someone to proofread your text? Do you want feedback on whether your Podcast introduction is too long or captures the attention of the listener? etc.

- Everyone, please leave a feedback comment on the blogs of two classmates.

### Progress

  1. Podcasters
  2. You should be moving from script to recording
  3. Identify extra sound you might need from Freesound etc.
  4. You should be working on editing the sound by Friday

- Artists

1. You should be finishing either images or text 2. By Friday, you should be in the process of combining


To Submit Your Mini-Project

You should have a file (either an mp3 or a pdf). This should be made accessible through your homepage. There are two steps:

1. Upload the file to the /public_html area of your website.

2. Link to the file by editing your index.html file

Check to make sure the link is working!

## Reminder: How to edit your Reclaim Homepage

## HW

Write a blog post (at least 300 words) reflecting on your mini-project. Begin with a 100-word summary or pitch that introduces the project in descriptive terms. Then perhaps reflect on a few questions: What did you aim to do? How did it turn out? What are you happy about? What did you learn? What would you do differently if you did this again?

Next week you will get to exhibit your mini-project (Tuesday) and we'll discuss Final Projects. A proposal will be due (posted on your blog) by Thursday. Note: I bumped this deadline ahead two days (April 16).