# Week 11

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## Tuesday 3/31

### 1. Discussion of Podcasts

- Aspects of Nightvale, Radiolab, and This American Life - Reviewing the Podcast Project Option Podcast

### 2. Discussion of Artists' Books

- Group: Show and Tell artists books

- Discussion: Artists' Book project overview

## HW

Write a blog post (at least 300 words) on two possible project ideas. (You can propose two different podcasts; one podcast and one artist's book, etc.)

## Thursday 4/2

Paired feedback sessions with the prof. (Check in via GroupMe. ) I'll take meetings with you, two at a time, in the Zoom room. You will share your blog post and talk through your favorite ideas for the mini-project. I can meet beginning at noon and continuing until 2:30 if we need the time.

## HW

Work on your mini-project.

Last Mini-Project (Podcast or Artists' Book) due 4/9