Week 10

Tuesday - 3/24

A. Orientation

  • Using Zoom and Group Me
    • Anticipated plan: Tuesdays: Zoom Video; Thursday: GroupMe “check-in”.
  • Adjustment; revised assignments (project options)
    • Choose one (1) of two mini-projects; then revise and extend one mini-project (Broadside, Twine, Social Media, Podcast, or Artist's Book) for the final project
    • Twice weekly blogging and Zoom/ GroupMe check-ins for participation.


  • Discussion / Presentation of Social Media Projects
  • Use Zoom breakout rooms (if possible)
    • You can share a web link via the Zoom chat within your Breakout Room.
  • (Social Media Projects should be documented (somehow) via your blog by Friday at the latest; speak with me if you are having a problem doing that).


  • Reading: Selection from the introduction to Podcasting: The Audio Media Revolution by Martin Spinelli and Lance Dann. PDF
  • Listening: Choose one of these to listen before next class: Welcome to Nightvale - Episode 13 A Story About You - Audio (more on WTN). Radiolab - 60 Words Audio. Or, This American Life - Seeing Yourself in the Wild Audio. (If you listen to podcasts regularly, you can also access these via Spotify, Itunes, Google Music, etc.)

Thursday 3/26

Join me in the Zoom Office if you're having trouble of any sort. Zoom Office http://bit.ly/ZoomKS

A. GroupMe

Check in

You'll signal that you're here, doing your work. As you move into projects, we'll use that time for one-on-one or small group meetings in the Zoom “breakout rooms”.

Social media projects should be shared on your blog (and linked via your homepage) by Friday evening.

B. In class Writing

Writing on your blog

“What makes Nightvale, Radiolab or This American Life literary? How do these podcasts use sound and time artistically? Consider how sound is layered; how clips are juxtaposed; how background sound is used.” Please share a thoughtful post of 3-6 paragraphs. Draw from what you learned from the reading and listening to one or more of the suggested podcasts. You can reference your own favorites too. I will read and comment on your posts at the end of class

Next week

We'll discuss podcasting. Then we'll move on to thinking about the other project option: Artists Books. By the end of the week you'll be able to choose which project option you want to take.

Details on the Podcast project option

I have posted several video tutorials for those who know they want to make a podcast.

HW for next Tuesday.

  • Read From Johanna Drucker’s introduction to A Century of Artists’ Books: PDF
  • Choose two of these many artists books to explore.

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