# Week 10

## Tuesday - 3/24

### A. Orientation

- Using Zoom and Group Me - Anticipated plan: Tuesdays: Zoom Video; Thursday: GroupMe “check-in”.

- Adjustment; revised assignments (project options) - Choose one (1) of two mini-projects; then revise and extend one mini-project (Broadside, Twine, Social Media, Podcast, or Artist's Book) for the final project - Twice weekly blogging and Zoom/ GroupMe check-ins for participation.

### B.

- Discussion / Presentation of Social Media Projects

- Use Zoom breakout rooms (if possible) - You can share a web link via the Zoom chat within your Breakout Room.

- (Social Media Projects should be documented (somehow) via your blog by Friday at the latest; speak with me if you are having a problem doing that).

## HW

- Reading: Selection from the introduction to *Podcasting: The Audio Media Revolution* by Martin Spinelli and Lance Dann. PDF

- Listening: Choose one of these to listen before next class: Welcome to Nightvale - Episode 13 A Story About You - Audio (more on WTN). Radiolab - 60 Words Audio. Or, This American Life - Seeing Yourself in the Wild Audio. (If you listen to podcasts regularly, you can also access these via Spotify, Itunes, Google Music, etc.)

## Thursday 3/26

Join me in the Zoom Office if you're having trouble of any sort. Zoom Office http://bit.ly/ZoomKS

### A. GroupMe

Check in

You'll signal that you're here, doing your work. As you move into projects, we'll use that time for one-on-one or small group meetings in the Zoom “breakout rooms”.

Social media projects should be shared on your blog (and linked via your homepage) by Friday evening.

### B. In class Writing

Writing on your blog

“What makes Nightvale, Radiolab or This American Life literary? How do these podcasts use sound and time artistically? Consider how sound is layered; how clips are juxtaposed; how background sound is used.” Please share a thoughtful post of 3-6 paragraphs. Draw from what you learned from the reading and listening to one or more of the suggested podcasts. You can reference your own favorites too. I will read and comment on your posts at the end of class

## Next week

We'll discuss podcasting. Then we'll move on to thinking about the other project option: Artists Books. By the end of the week you'll be able to choose which project option you want to take.

## Details on the Podcast project option

I have posted several video tutorials for those who know they want to make a podcast.

- Project Details: Podcast

## HW for next Tuesday.

- Read From Johanna Drucker’s introduction to *A Century of Artists’ Books*: PDF

- Choose two of these many artists books to explore.

# Reminder: How to edit your Reclaim Homepage