Week 01

# Tuesday

## Syllabus Review


- requirements - projects

## Medium is the Massage

- history of ideas about writing, media, and environments - a few transmedia, remediated, and remixed versions of McLuhan

McLuhan on Youtube

## Coal Code Node

My explorations of self-remix or remediation: Coal and Code projects on http://kennethsherwood.com


1. Read McLuhan (original pp. 1-80) Archive scan pages 1-45

2. Consider an appropriate domain name for your Writers Studio website (which you can keep, free for a year). Check that it is available https://www.name.com/domain/search/

# Thursday

## 1. Syllabus questions

## 2. McLuhan Discussion

- orienting questions

- argument/ associative logic

- You … your family … your government (What's the argument? How does the text work with the images? ) (12-24)

- What's the connection between printing and mass production for McLuhan? How does the coming of electric media (radio/TV) promise to change that? (44-50)

## 3. Website

Our goals for today are to: register your domain; create a simple landing page with your identifying information; initiate your blog; make a link from the landing page to your blog. Over the next few weeks, we'll spend a little time making it more stylish – today we go for function.

### Create site

Walk Through

1. Visit Reclaim Hosting to register your domain External Link 2. Login and go to Cpanel 3. Download template files from External Link to your desktop 4. Visit File Manager and upload the four files 5. Change the name of “index.txt” to “index.html” 6. Visit your website 7. Share your website address with the class Spreadsheet

### Edit page

1. Open “index.html” through your file manager 2. Replace boilerplate with your personal information AND save. 3. View changes 4. Edit “index.html” and “style01.css” to “style02.css” AND save.

(At your leisure, tweak the values in the the CSS style sheet to reflect colors, font sizes, etc. You can also replace “portrait.jpg” with another small image.)

## Blog

1. Logon to Reclaim 2. Visit CPanel and WORDPRESS 3. Install in the folder /blog 4. Choose your custom administrative username and password and recovery email 5. Quickly write and publish a sample POST.

## HW

Finish reading McLuhan _Medium is the Massage_. Choose one facing-page spread that you find especially interesting or expressive. How does the content, typography, use of visual space, and image create its effect? Do they work by contrast, by complementarity? Compose and publish a 1-3 paragraph post to your blog.