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 Tyler Nuñez http://​nunezenterprises.org/​blog  ​ Tyler Nuñez http://​nunezenterprises.org/​blog  ​
 Gabriella Scholl http://​gabischoll.com/​blog  ​ Gabriella Scholl http://​gabischoll.com/​blog  ​
-Tea Capps http://​acuppoftea.com/​blog  +Tea Capps http://​acuppoftea.com/​Blog  
 Katie McLaghlin http://​writerofscribbles.com/​blog  ​ Katie McLaghlin http://​writerofscribbles.com/​blog  ​
 Jessica Smith http://​atinybitofsunshine.com/​blog  ​ Jessica Smith http://​atinybitofsunshine.com/​blog  ​