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 +====== Remember - Final Exam ======
 +- Final Exam 5/7 at 10:​15am ​
 +- Required Zoom Meeting ​
 +- Presentation of your Final Projects to the class. (Max 10 minutes)
 +This is not an "​exam"​ to study for, and if you have submitted your final project, then you are 80% prepared. However, I would like you to give some reflection as to how you can best introduce and explain your project. What were your goals? What are you happy with? What did you learn? You will have just 5 minutes to present; so for podcasters, for example, you will have to be ready to share excerpts. Ideally, you would share this from your own screen to the class, so that you have total control; but I will be ready to help if that's more suitable (i.e. you have a slow connection). ​
 [[weeks:​week14|Last Week]] [[weeks:​week14|Last Week]]
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 3.) Final Project due Thursday, April 30 at class time 3.) Final Project due Thursday, April 30 at class time
 # Thursday # Thursday