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Writers Studio Spring 2020

Dr. Kenneth Sherwood

Web:Www.SherwoodWeb.Org | Course Timeline Office: HSS 318 | Email: Sherwood@iup.edu | See webpage for office hours and any schedule changes. Meetings also available in Commonplace Coffeehouse.

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Spring Break

2020/03/13 16:26 · admin

Week 9 - March 17 / 19 - Class Postponed (Campus Shut Down)

Progress Report - Due Monday 3/16 - Online

  • Lengthy Blog Post - document your progress on the Social Media Networked Text Project.
  • Include at least 3 screen captures
  • Include a link (if possible) so that classmates can review and comment.

Peer Response - Due Wednesday 3/18 - Online

  • Respond substantively to the progress reports of 3 classmates. “Substantive” means write at least a paragraph; don't just say “looks good.”

Due Tuesday 3/24

Social Media Network Text Project - Complete

This should be accessible via your website and blog. You MUST CAPTURE it somehow, so that it can be viewed by folks not on your social media network.

Be prepared to present it on Tuesday 3/24.

We hope this will be possible to do via Zoom. It's going to be a bit improvisational!

2020/03/20 20:06 · admin