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Letter to Students

Dear ENGL 420 Students,

This is an unsettled time. Plans are still unfolding as to how we'll deal with this at IUP. Since I know many of you are concerned as to what we'll do next, I wanted to share my current plan. (Please know we might need to make further changes … )

For the week of 3/16, please follow plans as laid out before break (with check-ins and responses to your classmates' social media projects).

Based on what the Provost and President have shared, I am planning for having situation take this class online indefinitely. If the situation improves, I'll be happy if we are able to resume regular meetings in HSS; but for now, I do not expect that.

Wiki via Sherwoodweb.org

Course notes and assignments will still be posted via the course wiki (since you are familiar with that already).



Please JOIN the GROUP ME today!

We will use a Group Me to facilitate daily communication. (You can access this via your computer or use a cell phone etc.) I know few students use email regularly, so I think this should help us stay in regular contact.

(You can install an app on your phone and choose to receive notification or not.)

Zoom Video Conference Class

Tuesdays - Video Lecture

At this point, I plan “synchronous” meetings at class time (12:30) on Tuesdays beginning on 3/24. We will be live and connected via IUP's Zoom.

You should be able to access our class meeting space here: http://bit.ly/ZoomKS

If you haven't used Zoom before, it will prompt you to install an app (on your phone, laptop, etc.)

:!: Bad Internet Connection?

Join by phone: Call +1 646 558 8656 and then enter Meeting ID: 675 601 7957

Thursdays - Check-in, Online Work

There will be posted work (reading, discussion, blog writing, feedback, etc.) and I will be available during class time but plan to use this hour for individual and small group discussions. So I will invite everyone to “check-in” via GroupMe, and then I can help individuals and small groups with your projects. I won't video “lecture” during Thursday class.

Office Hours - via Zoom

My current plan is to maintain the regular office hours as reflected on Sherwoodweb.org (GCAL: https://calendar.google.com/calendar/r/week/2020/3/20)

Assuming Zoom continues to work well for us, we can consult through our Zoom room: http://bit.ly/ZoomKS

As always, you can contact me to setup alternate meeting times.

Assignments / Modifications

My hope is that we will be able to continue with our Writing projects as planned.

We will definitely follow-through with the final project. Our syllabus calls for two remaining mini-projects (an artists book; an audio podcast). I'm still assessing how effective it will be to teach you how to do these remotely. In the coming week, I will send out a survey about your access to a laptop computer and internet. (My main concern is that outside our HSS classroom, everyone will have different access to technology and that may make for some complications.)

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