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 +There are a number of scanned artists’ books online. Please read two of these. (The archive allows you to scroll through page views, read bibliographic information about the publication or zoom in to a high resolution scan of a given page. Look for the link at the bottom; you don’t need Flash. )
 +- Testament of Women. Johanna Drucker. http://​www.artistsbooksonline.org/​works/​tewo/​imageviewerindex/​
 +- Action is Addiction. Critical Art Ensemble. http://​www.artistsbooksonline.org/​works/​aisa/​imageviewerindex/​
 +- Ho Go. Ruth Laxson. http://​www.artistsbooksonline.org/​works/​hogo/​imageviewerindex/​
 +- A Hundred Years of Lex Flex. Ruth Laxson. http://​www.artistsbooksonline.org/​works/​lexf/​imageviewerindex/​
 +- Journal of the Identical Lunch. Allison Knowles. http://​www.artistsbooksonline.org/​works/​joil/​imageviewerindex/​
 +- A Girl’s Life. Johanna Drucker and Susan Bee. http://​www.artistsbooksonline.org/​works/​grls/​imageviewerindex/​
 +- How to Make Your Own Cheap Inexpensive Artists’ Book. Mitchell Goodman. http://​www.artistsbooksonline.org/​works/​howt/​imageviewerindex/​
 +- Selma to Montgomery. Clifton Meader. http://​www.artistsbooksonline.org/​works/​selm/​imageviewerindex/​
 +- Long Slow March. Clifton Meader. http://​www.artistsbooksonline.org/​works/​lsma/​imageviewerindex/​