Student page

The wiki space is going to become more important for tracking and organizing your research work. Please see Aaron's or Alex's pages for examples of what should be on your page.


  • Review your abstract. Make revision notes on your wiki page. Your proposal needs to include an improved abstract, unless you got an A+ and no comments from me.
  • Discussion of Research Proposal due Thursday 3/28

In-class work - annotated bibliography

  • Work on documenting sources
  • Work on writing brief annotations.
  • Get help finding sources if needed.


Your research proposal is due next class. Please bring it on paper (paginated, stapled). Also upload it to your student space.



  • Turn them in
  • Make sure uploaded and linked via your Student Wiki Page
  • About the TF-English202 folder

Fieldwork Review

Much research relies on secondary sources (others' ideas, information). This is valuable but has limitations, namely that you are constrained with what is already available. Conducting fieldwork is one way to create primary sources. Loosely, we'll include interviews, observation, and surveys.


Interview Exercise

Survey Exercise

Survey Design Interface

In-class Writing - Fieldwork Plan

  • create a fieldwork plan document in Dropbox and link through your student wiki page.
  • consider what kind of information would be most helpful to your research. Is there something new, local, specific that you would like to be able to introduce as evidence into your writing?
  • How can you best produce this information?


Write your survey; or develop your interview questions and reach out to an interviewee; or …

Looking Ahead

A full, rough draft of your Research Essay will be due in class on Tuesday 4/16. You will need to have completed your primary research before then to include it. No class meeting on 4/4 (Sherwood at conference).