Source Evaluation

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An Abstract

The abstract of a research document condenses the main ideas into a short (100-150 word) summation, conveying to readers what they will learn and why it is worth knowing. Although you cannot finalize an abstract until the essay is finished, it is quite common to begin with the abstract as a planning document (knowing it will change as your focus sharpens, you finalize sources, etc.)

  • Clear, concise picture of the research topic.
  • Conveys interest / significance
  • Names the research question.
  • Main steps or method reviewed, in sequence.
  • Gives conclusion / outcome /answer.

Examples of Abstracts

In-class Writing - Your Abstract

Create a document in your Dropbox space and link to it on your wiki space.

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Your Abstract is due Thursday. This should be uploaded via Dropbox AND you should be prepared to hand-in a print copy at the start of class. We will work on our bibliographies in class Thursday. If you are having trouble, see me (and/or a librarian!)



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Compiling a Working Bibliography


In research projects, it's often important to choose sources carefully. You can signal you have done so and provide additional guidance to readers by annotating the sources.

An annotation can be brief; it should summarize, assess, and reflect. In short, it is a brief description and explanation of how it relates to your topic, what conversation (discipline or perspective) it represents, and how you will use it (2-4 sentences). Effectively, you must justify the inclusion of the source.

(You should notice a parallel to the steps you took in evaluating sources.) More detail on annotation from Purdue Owl.


Let's write an entry and quick annotation for this source: Facebook Reviews Livestream Policy After Christchurch Attack

  • What kind of source is it?
  • What information do we need?
  • Is there one container or more?
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In class Writing

  • Create a WorkingBib01.docx file in your Dropbox space. Begin to write entries for those sources you have evaluated as useful.
  • Help with citation form?
  • Help with searching for resources.


Complete a draft of your working bibliography with annotations of the sources; bring to class Tuesday.

Next Major Deadline

Your Research Proposal is due a week from today (Thursday 3/28). It includes your abstract and annotated bibliography.