1.- Organizing your student page

If time allows, let's spend a few minutes getting our wiki pages organized.

2. - Research Questions

Topic, Inquiry, Conversations, Revising your RQ

3. - Essay Feedback

  • Review your essay and create a short list of “Research Writing Goals” based on the strengths and weaknesses of your first formal writing assignment for the class. See Edit Codes


Consider and submit your Revised, working research question.


1. - Class review of revised RQs

  • How focused, researchable and genuine are our working questions?
  • Review two questions with a partner (don't rate your own); consider focus, researchability, and genuineness of the question and give it a rating 1-3. Edit Results Spreadhseet
  • Look at the rating for your current version. Can you see a way to further sharpen your revised RQ? If yes, rewrite and Revised, working research question.

2. - Disciplinary Conversations (Knowledge Areas) & Types of Sources

Conversation Activity

Before seeking specific sources (through Google, databases, library holdings), it helps to have a picture of what kinds of information and expertise you might be seeking. Our premise is that good research will usually involve more than one perspective.

Let's do some collective brainstorming about relevant conversations; what are the fields of knowledge and who participates in these conversations?

Collaborative Grid

Types of Sources

As you might guess, I think it's too simple to just recommend that no one every use Wikipedia – or insist that only scholarly, peer-reviewed articles have worth. It's going to be very important that you use appropriate, reliable sources in your upcoming research project. BUT there's no simple formula for that – it's not a matter of “I used four books, so it must be good.”
However, IT IS IMPORTANT to understand some of the different kinds of sources that one might seek out. You need to know what's out there before you can even start to do the work of finding it.

A Map from Coggle.it

3. - Research Plan - Activity

See KennyS Sample

  1. Create a file in “Research Plan” document in Dropbox AND link to it from your wikipage
  2. Begin with your Working Title and Revised Research Question
  3. Create a section entitled “Relevant Conversations”
  4. List below it some of the kinds of sources you feel would be helpful to you in answering the question


Finish adding the sections above to your research plan. Try to add as much detail as KennyS above.