Format Reminders - Essay Rubric


Your revision is complete! Hopefully you have made significant changes, additions, deletions and reorganization.


This is the process of correcting errors. The main focus is on mechanics (grammar, punctuation, and format).


Due Thursday

  1. Your final, copy-edited research essay
  2. Evidence of revision (one or more “marked up” drafts); I'm not looking for 50 pages but a roadmap for assessing your revision.


  • questions about the cover letter?
    • Use business letter format
    • Plan an approach (you can put notes on your wikipage) - cover letter help
  • brief oral presentations

Final Deadlines and Reminders

Oral Presentations (2min) Thurs 5/2

Cover letter writing 5/9 at 8am in HSS 320.

In lieu of a traditional final exam, during our exam period on 5/9, we will meet and you will draft a cover letter for your semester portfolio. Please note that the exam period begins at 8am. It will conclude when students finish their letters. Most students take about 30 minutes. Do not arrive at 9:30 and expect to begin then.


Your other work for the class (planning documents etc.) should be reflected on your student wiki page with links to appropriate dropbox documents. Check that this Writing Log/portfolio organized as you would like it to be in order to reflect your efforts this semester.