Your research essay will go through several drafts or revisions. It is important that you approach revision as a RE-VISIONING (or “seeing again”) and not just editing. Think organ transplant, not hair and makeup.

Tracking Revision

25% of your research essay grade is based on the quantity and quality of your revisions. You must reconsider, process feedback, make changes and document those changes.

  1. Save a draft version of your paper (myname-draft01-essay_title.docx)
  2. Upload this to your personal Dropbox space
  3. Make a link on your wiki page AND check the link

External Link 4. Save As and rename the file “myname-draft02-essay_title.docx”

5. Turn on “track changes”

Peer Revision

  1. Show Prof. Sherwood your complete draft
  2. See the revision-workshop.pdf.
    3. Get feedback from and give feedback to a pair of classmates
    4. Reflect on the feedback; then use the comment feature to summarize the revisions you should make.


Revise and save draft02. Upload and print a copy for class Thursday WITH TRACK CHANGES MARKING revisions (or Google “suggesting mode” in the margins; to print from Google you should print to PDF. This will capture the additions and deletions graphically. )


1 Prepare Draft 02 for submission to Sherwood

  • Review the document. Are all changes evident? If not, manually indicate all additions/deletions and moves.

2 Reflective Cover Letter

  • Briefly consider the status of your draft.
  • Compose a business-format cover letter addressed to Dr. Sherwood (External Link)
Dr. Kenneth Sherwood
Professor of English
Department of English - HSS 317
Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Indiana, PA 15705


  • Address your overall purpose
  • Summarize development/revision thus far
  • Explain work you intend to do (i.e. specific areas where you know further revision is needed)
  • Conclude with any specific advice you need (is there a challenge you aren't sure how to deal with? )

3 - Bibliography Workshop