Research Essay Complete Draft Due Tues 4/16 . Your research essay should be 10 pages long and include a complete “Works Cited” or bibliography at the end.


Fieldwork Questions

  • fieldwork or primary sources must be listed in your bibliography and cited in your essay. See Purdue Owl for details on how to cite sources link The format for an unpublished interview is:

Lastname, Firstname. Personal Interview. 01 April 2019.

(Where the name is that of the person you interviewed.)

You can also document an email:

Lastname, Firstname. “Subject Heading.” Received by Your Name, 01 April 2019.

MLA indicates you may cite your own survey without a Works Cited entry, including the survey results in an appendix, though it's acceptable to me if you want to adapt the format above. MLA on surveys

Outline and Subheading

For many writers, keeping a longer project organized is a challenge. You should:

1) Make an outline

2) Consider including named subheadings in the body of your essay to mark the major sections.


Remember that sources must be cited (named in the text and listed in the Works Cited) to avoid plagiarism. But it is also important that you use sources effectively. This has to do with how you incorporate them.

Are your sources “framed” (introduced with a transition; explained, elaborated, or contextualized? (You can't just plunk down a quotation; you must talk about it!)

Sample Source Use

In class writing / Questions

Please work on your drafting. Consult with me if you are having trouble.


Checklists / Progress


  1. Is there a research question / thesis?
  2. Do the sources and evidence do the job?
  3. Are there sources/ evidence which don't belong?
  4. Are there moments when a fact, statistic or other evid.ence is missing?


  1. Is there a narrow, clear main point? (Is the RQ answered?)
  2. Are the sources clearly related (inferences / evidence) back to the main research question?
  3. Are sources “framed” (introduced with a transition; explained, elaborated, or contextualized? (You can't just plunk down a quotation; you must talk about it!)
  4. Are sub-topics (and/or clear transitional sentences) inserted to signal major sections of the essay?
  5. Does the sequences of ideas / examples clearly and logically flow from the research question and aim towards the conclusion.
  6. Introduction and Conclusion - Think about the introduction as a “promise” or contract to address the question, fulfilling the promise, hitting all the needed steps and omitting those which aren't necessary.
  7. Does the body of the essay fulfill the promise of the introduction?
  8. Does the conclusion “bring home” or reinforce what the reader has learned (without simply repeating the thesis?


  • for this longer essay, you may use a title page with basic information centered on the page, one item per line (Title / Your Name / English 202 Research Essay Draft / Prof. Sherwood / Date)
  • margins are 1 inch (not 1 1/4)
  • font is readable, 12pt.
  • all text is double-spaced
  • color is black, or dark blue/green
  • Name and pagenumber on bottom right corner of body pages; use the MS word header: “Lastname 123”
  • Works Cited or Bibliography listing all quoted, paraphrased or summarized sources.