A full, rough draft of your Research Essay will be due in class on Tuesday 4/16. You will need to have completed your primary research before then to include it. No class meeting on 4/4 (Sherwood at conference).


  • Survey issues - warning! DON'T USE MY LINK.


  • what are they and why should you think about them?

Research Proposal

  • review
  • make a “to do” list and put it on your student wiki page

You will need to turn in your original proposal again AND my comment sheet with your draft.


Building off your abstract, reflect on the major elements/ parts of your essay. Give each section an outline heading; then flesh out the topics for your paragraphs. When possible, make a note as to which source(s) are relevant in each section. Some writers even add specific quotations in the outline.


  • Work on drafting (aim for a page each day)
  • Finalize sources
  • Conduct fieldwork (survey, interview, observation) and bring notes to class Tuesday

Remember that in addition to consulting with me, you can visit the Writing Center and talk with a Reference Librarian!


Sherwood at conference

Please work on drafting. You will need a complete draft in class one week from today.