Week 13

This week we will focus on drafting our “un essay” projects. Different from our prior essays, this work requires each of you to make some decisions about how you want to approach it.


1. Discussion of Un Essay Requiremetns

Goals, Process

Let's review the assignment (and edit it if necessary). What questions do you have? What ideas are you exploring?

You can still make a change to your topic or genre. If you do make a big change, you should also revise your proposal and document that on your Writers Journal as part of your process. (You don't need to resubmit it to D2L).

2. Status Report and Feedback

Review your project proposal (submitted for participation/homework). Do you need to make changes? What might you clarify?

Provide a summary via this online form

Share your plans with a classmate and get their feedback. What seems promising? What might be difficult?

3. Rubric

Discuss and collaboratively edit the grading rubric.


Review Summary Feedback

Open Link in a New Window


Begin composing your un-essay.

Bring a draft to class for Thursday.


1. Review of Un-Essay Rubric Criteria

Writers Journal: how would these apply to your type of un-essay? How would you describe a 10/10 for each of the four criteria?

Discuss how this can apply to different types of un-essay.

Crowd source and edit the rubric to include descriptors for excellent, good, adequate, and unacceptable results.

2. In class feedback and writing

Share your draft with a classmate. Give and get feedback here. Then continue working on your draft.

If your feedback isn't showing, use this link

Consult with the professor individually with any questions, problems, or need for feedback.

3. Looking ahead

The Un-essay is due at the end of class, one week from today (last regular day of class).

You will upload two or three things to D2L:

a) The final Un-Essay (as document, media file, link, etc.)

b) Self-reflective process document

c) (Optional) Proof of tutoring from the IUP Writing Center (10% bonus IF documented with upload AND some evidence that revision advise was incorporated!)

Finishing Out the Semester

Revise and edit your Un-essay.

Look ahead to week 14, the next and final week of the class!

We will not meet face to face on Tuesday. Final regular, face-to-face meeting is next Thursday

Final Exam Schedule:

Reflection Letters Due. You may submit online via D2L or come to class to write and discuss with me.

003: Tues 5/2 @8am

004: Thurs 5/4 @8am

005: Tues 5/4 @10:20am