Week 09

Before break, we discussed Kim, Lindsey “Understanding and Maintaining Your Privacy When Writing With Digital Technologies” via D2L Perusall and I asked you to read and comment on Laura Carrol's “Backpacks versus Briefcases: Steps Toward Rhetorical Analysis” via D2L Perusall. Over the next week, we will be building on these readings as you work towards your third essay. The overall frame , “rhetorical analysis,” will lead you to focus on the ways that “good writing” can only be described in relation to specific contexts. This has always been true. However, the growth of different digital platforms and formats makes this even more relevant than ever.


Peer Discussion, Writers Journal

Pull up the homework reading. Choose two of the bullet points below, discussing with your partner and then writing a brief response in your journal. Quick link to Writers Journal

Open Discussion of Backpacks Versus Briefcases

  • Judging people / books by their cover link
  • Terms: ethos, pathos, logos quick link
  • Four dimensions of why we should understand advertisements and other messages as rhetorical link via D2L
  • What is the “rhetorical situation”? link
  • Alternative version: What is the “rhetorical triangle”? D2l Link

Part 2 - Practicing Rhetorical Analysis

See the summation and bullet points in Backpacks vs. Briefcases: D2L page 55


  1. Video advertisement: “Get in the Grove” (IUP) link
  1. Video advertisement: Seton Hill link
  1. Advertisement Tweet - Samsung Mobile Twitter live, PDF


1. Read and prepare to discuss Amicucci “Four Things Social Media Can Teach You about College Writing – and One Thing it Cannot” via Perusall/D2L link

2. Choose either Discussion Question 3 or 5 quick link and respond in your Writers Journal. Be prepared to discuss in class .


Discuss Reading

Amicucci “Four Things Social Media Can Teach You about College Writing – and One Thing it Cannot” via Perusall/D2L link

Key terms: Intertextuality / Interdiscursivity

  1. The (Tiktok/Writing) “Challenge”
  1. #Audiences
  1. Choosing a filter
  1. Using symbols
  1. NOT - posting without explanation, answering why

Option of Assessment

Writing / Sharing / Connections to Reading

Tweet punctuation and emoji use.

Writing as form of Self Presentation - The Snapchat Filter

Share homework


Preparing for your rhetorical analysis essay, you should 1) read section W-9 in the Little Seagull Handbook (via D2L pages 63-71, including the sample essay; 2) find a website, Tweet Thread, advertisement, song or other digital media object you want to analyze; 3) choose several key terms from Amicucci “Four Things,” Caroll, “Backpacks vs. Briefcases” or Kim, “Understanding and Maintaining Privacy” (such as “rhetorical situation,” “exigence, audience, constraint” or “pathos, ethos, logos.” 4) Compose a planning entry in the Writers Journal with a draft outline.

If you have trouble accessing the Little Seagull, you should log in to D2l first or try to access it via this link:


Note - your essay will use at least two sources, listing them in the Works Cited: 1) the text or media object you analyze; and 2) one of the three essays we read. Depending on your topic, you may decide you need additional sources, a decision I can help you make.