Week 06

We'll be working towards our next essay this week, an “Argument … that develops the student’s unique claim, in reference to a context of multiple perspectives (summarizing and quoting effectively from sources).” Thursday we'll be outlining; a draft will be due next Tuesday.


1. Source Use and Citation

Discussion of InQuizitive on MLA “in-text” citation. Note that the conventions of citation are updated very few years. MLA version 9 is the 2021 revision. note on changes

  • What are the two basic parts involved in crediting a source using in-text citation?
  • Why does the format change for different kinds of sources?
  • What are some questions or problems you may have?

Review Little Seagull, Chapter R4 - MLA Documentation

Citation helpers

Why do I need to know this? Can't Easy Bib, Endnote, Zotero, do this for me?

See our group library via Zotero. Do the sources export correctly?

2. An Argument Worth Making - discussion

What interests your, puzzles you, or leads you to a new perspective in your reading? Orally summarize what you read over the weekend for a classmate or pair. Then explain whether you're inclined to agree or disagree and with which points. Can you find an important point where something needs to be added to the conversation? That could be your purpose.


1. Read a second source relevant to your potential essay topic. You might choose it from our group library via Zotero. However, if you feel like something is missing from your first source (further information, an opposing point of view, etc.) you might seek out a reliable source of your own. Please email me for a second opinion on its reliability.

2. In your Writer's Journal, again write a paragraph that summarizes this source. You may intersperse selective quotation. Then write a second paragraph in which you use They Say I Say moves to structure your response to specific ideas from this source . Make sure you are framing your quotations (see Ch 3).

3.Optional - Read the section in the Little Seagull (W-8) on Arguments pp 53-58 link via D2L

If you are not happy with the articles you've selected, please choose another or talk with Sherwood. We are moving towards the topic for Essay 2!


1. Discussion of sources.

Evaluating a quality source. Need a new source (maybe not)? Working deeply with your current sources. Use how others set up arguments as a model. LA Times via Perusall

2. Essay 2 - Assignment


Argument Essay 2 - Assignment Details

Structure an Argument - Outline

You will use summary and quotation from your sources to help advance your own essay. But an argument (or thesis-driven) essay must be structured to advance your own perspective (the “I Say”) and use the source information as support or object of discussion.

See Little Seagull for tips on structuring an argument; link via D2L

  • W-8a Key Elements of an Argument:
    • clear and arguable position; centered on a “claim”
    • necessary background
    • good reasons
    • convincing evidence
    • consideration of other positions (counterarguments)
  • W-8b Tips for Writing and Argument
    • Drafting a Thesis
    • Ways of Organizing

3. In class Writing

Starting with: Outline; thesis statement; and working Title


Drafting of your argumentative essay. You will upload a complete draft before class time on Tuesday. It should be at least 400 words long and have both an introduction and a conclusion. Even your draft should have an Original Title and conclude with a list of Works Cited. Please include your outline below the Works Cited (page 3) of your draft. D2L Link