Week 4


Peer Revision Workshop

You have a completed a solid draft of your first essay. This is an important step, but you can actually develop your writing ability the most in this next step – revision. Once we've met the page count, it can be tempting to want to “print” or submit our work and be done with it. Yet, if time allows, this is the juncture where you can zoom out and review what you've done. You can try to see it from the perspective of readers who don't know your intention and only have your words in front of them. One of the BEST WAYS to get insight on the strengths and weaknesses of your wriitng is to get feedback and comments from another writer. (And, of course, giving this feedback to others is not just about returning a favor but should also make you a better editor of your own writing.)

Peer Feedback Process

1- In Word Online, open your draft. Go to the FILE/SAVE AS menu and change the name from Draft to Revised.

2 - Go the SHARE menu and change the permissions so that your partner can REVIEW this document.

3 - Use the SEND LINK tool to message them so they can easily find your draft.

4 - Read your classmate's draft

5 - Using our guidelines as a prompt, respond in the margins

6 - Discuss your comments with your classmate


Review your classmate's comments. Make a brief entry in your Writer's Journal “Revision goals for essay 1.”

Make revisions to your essay. Complete revisions by class time Thursday


Extension: Your essay is due by midnight, Friday.

We will spend class time today proofreading. There will not be time to add ideas, develop new paragraphs, or make major changes. But we will look to correct grammar and mechanics.

Are there particular errors or weaknesses that showed up when you did the Inquizitive activity Editing the Errors that Matter?

Overview of Class

Rename your essay in Word Online ( Save an online copy , subsitute “final” for “revised” in the title .)

Print your essay.

Reread slowly, two or three times.

1) Be on special alert for a few key types of errors (fragments, run-ons, wordiness and wrong words).

2) Review the format instructions for the assignment. Also look for irregularities, like type-font changes or inconsistent spacing.

Editing Emphases

Sometimes, trying to edit for everything can lead us to miss things. If you concentrate on a subset of issues, you are more likely to identify and fix the problems. Let's review these; Little Seagull has additional information and exercises.

Little Seagull - Resource for Grammar and Mechanics Requires authentication via D2L

  • Editing to Correct Sentence errors (and Little Seagull chapter abbreviations)
  • Editing to Correct Wordiness
    • L-6 Unnecessary Words
      • L6a “Really,” “very” and “There is..”L6b
      • L6c Wordy Phrases
      • L6d Redundancies
    • Words Often Confused

Editing Checklist

1- Review for sentence completeness and punctuation issues.

2 - Review for word choice, especially “Words that are often confused” (eg. it's/its); see [E-6.

3- Check formatting and assignment description (300-500 words; 12 point font; single-spaced;)

4- Check for a proper header

5- Source information is listed at the end of the essay

6 - Any summary, paraphrase or quotation must be clearly attributed to its original author in the body of the text.

Questions on editing? Always have a handbook or style guide like this one to consult: Little Seagull - Resource for Grammar and Mechanics

Submitting Essay 1 - Summary Response

Your essay is due by Friday, midnight. It must be uploaded to D2L

1.) Attach your “Final” version of essay 01 as a docx or PDF in D2L

2.) Separately, via D2L please include the Word Online / Onedrive share links to the rough draft of essay 01 and the revised draft of essay 01 , so I can review the revision history. Be sure that your draft and revised word files are accessible to sherwood@iup.edu. I need to be able to see the online version so that I have the option to review your edit history.

For Tuesday, please also complete the InQuizitive activities on quotation and read chapter 3 “As He Himself Puts It” pp 47-56 in They Say/I SayItalic Text.