Table of Contents

Week 03


1 - Discussion of TheySay (Ch1)

link to Ebook via D2L, works in Firefox IF you're logged in!

  • What are the advantages of substituting more specific signal words for the simple “They say…” when introducing others' ideas?

2 - Review of homework writing activity

  • Good summaries must clearly indicate the source, represent the information or opinions accurately, and come across coherently.
  • Are there some challenges in doing this?

3 - Review of Summary/Response Assignment

A draft of your first formal essay is due next Tuesday, and a revision on Thursday.

Summary and Response Essay - Assignment Description

In class writing:

Please use Word Online through your IUP Office 360 account. This will allow for backups, tracking progress, and easy sharing with classmates.

Sherwood Sample Outline

a. Create a Word Online document titled “RD and Plan - Essay 1 - Your Name.”

b. Create a heading (Name, Course, Date) on page 1

c. On page 2, begin a topic outline.


Read They Say (Ch02) “Her Point Is - The Art of Summarizing” (32-46). Pay special attention to the importance of “playing the believing game” (33), summarizing “in light of your own agenda” (37), and using specific signal verbs (41-43)


Online work today - no face-to-face class.

1 - Complete the Online Tutorial

  • TheySay online “Tutorial” on Ch 02 via D2L direct link. This will reinforce some key ideas about writing a summary.


  • Develop your outline into a full draft.
  • Add to the online document you created on Tuesday: “RD and Plan - Essay 1 - Your Name.”

Homework: Drafting

A full, rough draft of your Summary-Response essay is due Tuesday. You should complete the draft in the Word online document, so that we can do a peer editing activity in class Tuesday AND use the D2L assignment link to upload a copy for homework completion credit.

Please note, for credit in completing homework on time you are sharing this twice!

Stuck? Check out the Little Seagull online resource Section W4 Writing Processes or stop by the IUP Writing Center (Stabley Library, 2nd Floor).