Table of Contents

Week 01


1. Introduction writing

Where are you, where did you come from, and where are you headed?

  • Metacritical discussion
    • genre,
    • style,
    • structure
    • and medium/format

2. Part episode “OnPoint” (NPR) - “First Person” Daniel Herman on ChatGPT listen

  • Summary
  • They Say …. (but) I Say . . .

3. Syllabus overview

Homework: read and comment on Roose “The Brilliance and Weirdness of ChatGPT”; access via D2L Link.


A note on D2L deadlines. Some of you may have noticed that the reading homework deadline was this morning at 8am. I have three sections of ENGL 101. I mean for you to do this kind of homework before class. If you are in the 11:10am class and you complete it at 9am, I'll be happy! I set one deadline but for homework of this type, you can submit it a few hours late.

1. Creating “Writers Log” via

Brief in-class Writing Where are you, where did you come from, and where are you going? Revisit your answer from the first class and revise it as your first entry in the journal. If you answered very briefly or very literally (I'm in Leonard 318. I came from Zink. I'm going to lunch), please expand a little and use it to tell something more about yourself. This will be your introduction to me, your professor, and does not need to be shared with anyone else.

2. Discussion of homework reading

Last class we very quickly wrote a succinct summary of the “first person” audio commentary from Daniel Herman. Understanding a topic and preparing to write about it often requires this kind of first step. I have finished listening or reading, and I can check my understanding by asking myself: “So, basically, what was that all about? ” We'll do the same with this article, but we'll also begin the important second move–the “I say.

  • ChatGPT and writing (orienting questions?)
  • Summary
  • Specific questions or issues with the essay?
  • They say …., but I say …

3. Syllabus questions? (Note, if a question occurs after class, you can email me or ask it in the version of the syllabus on Perusall, and I'll answer it there.

4. Introduction to Inquisitive (Norton)

  • Access via D2L Link
  • There will be some assigned activities; and I will give some grammar mini-lessons in class. Based on the “Editing the Errors that Matter” activity, you will receive a “diagnostic” of some of the areas you might individually work on this semester. (Note bonus opportunities in the syllabus.)


1. InQuizitve Assignment via D2L: Editing Errors that Matter.

2. Listen to “How AI chatbots are changing how we write and who we trust” On Point listen, and make some notes or write a brief response in your Writers Journal so you can be prepared to discuss and write a summary in class on Tuesday.

3. Read “Preface” and “Introduction” in They Say I Say, pp. xiv-18