Un-Essay Rubric

The previous assignments for formal essays have included requirements as to purpose, format, sources, etc. Each has been graded in terms of whether student satisfied those requirements and produced strong Content/ Organization/ Mechanics and Revision. While the un-essay calls on you to translate your traditional writing skills or to apply them in a new way, it's not clear whether this should be graded in the same way. Please discuss and edit the document below.

Note: many media texts don't have bibliographies. If you use sources, you should credit it in a way that is appropriate for the format (e.g. Twitter ⇒ @myfavoriteexpert).

Important: if you do something like a Wikihow on “How to tie a tie” – your's must be different from the actual Wikihow article on that topic. You can't use that as a source!

Criterion One: Content

Description: does it persuade, give information, clearly delivers its message or otherwise teaches us what it means to do?

10/10: Thoroughly descriptive, very engaging to a range of readers, and correct/accurate/knowledgable.

Criterion Two: Effort

Description: Shows planning and time spent generating content and polishing detail. What characterizes a 10/10 or a 5/10?

10/10: Excellent quality for the genre show (and evidence of what you worked on) and significant creativity.

Criterion Three: Process

Description: shows work to improve and develop.

(This may be evident in the final product, but you should also include some kind of self reflection document which might include a draft, process log, or descriptive paragraphs that emphasizes the stages you took this work through to final form.)

10/10: Significant work evident to build and improve the work, some version of before and after. (Track changes)

Criterion Four: Mastery of Format

Description: Uses appropriate moves in the genre (helpful images in Wikihow; clean edits in Video; punchy bullet text in Powerpoint, etc.) You might also want to mention the recipe you followed or what you saw as the key ingredients to your format in the self-reflection document above. What characterizes a 10/10 or a 5/10?

10/10: Demonstrates strong understanding of the “recipe” and success in emulating it in many aspects.