Summary and Response Essay - Assignment

You should draft this essay using Word Online via IUP. You will submit this essay as a Word attachment via D2L. This assignment description will be cross-posted there.


In this essay, you will show your ability to enter into an academic conversation by clearly and effectively presenting the substance of others' ideas, then following that up with your own analysis, extension, or evaluation.

Specific Goals: Show comprehension and summarization ability.

Use any of the suggested articles. Or talk with Sherwood if you have found something better: link. Each of these has an “archive” version attached. So download the PDF if you are blocked from the original site.


I hope to learn about what you have learned related to the course theme and your own thoughts on this. You can address ChatGPT specifically. You can talk about technology in schools more generally. You can focus on creativity, the economy, legality, or any other aspect that is interesting to you.

  • Use one or two sources. List the source information at the end of the essay (we'll review bibliographic form later in the semester.)
  • Summarize or paraphrase clearly, in your own words. I am not looking for quotations in this assignment.
  • Organize your essay beginning with several paragraphs of informative summary, teaching your reader what they need to know about the topic.
  • Conclude your essay with one or more paragraphs of your own response.

Your response can be to disagree, to qualify, to partially agree, etc.


  • 300-500 words
  • 12 point font
  • single spaced
  • uses one or two sources
  • make use of appropriate template moves from They Say I Say

(Note, I am happy to see you adapt the templates and invent your own moves to structure the summary and response. You don't need to use templates mechanically. But you do need to provide a structure.)

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