Sample Paragraph Based on Outline

The title of “My Mother's Feminism” conveys a two-part punch, both in what it says and how it says this. Viewers immediately notice its two parts on a visual level. Wallace stitches the words “My Mother's” by imitating cursive handwriting with her thick, black yarn. The first two words are centered, below which the word “FEMINISM” is stitched in green. The green thread is thinner but stands out because of the shift in color and the use of printed block letters. Where the cursive black is familiar, the green suggests something forceful, perhaps even a shouted emphasis. Since Wallace uses the word “My,” the title comes across as personal. Rather than addressing mothers in general, it suggests something autobiographical. This creates a tension with the political dimension of “feminism.” In a conventional view, mothers are often conservative and daughters, the younger generation, may be more modern or feminist. So in its theme and design, the title creates a tension or raises the question that this piece will answer.