Argument Essay - Assignment 2


This Argument assignment develops the student’s unique claim, in reference to a context of multiple perspectives (summarizing and quoting effectively from sources).

Specific Goals: Show that you can advance a claim/thesis and support this in relation to two sources.


  • Make good choices of quotation, summary, and paraphrase
  • Consider the various strategies and templates for working with sources as suggested in They Say I Say
  • Effectively frame all quotations
  • Appropriately cite all sources using MLA in-text citation (If you wish to use APA or another method, please make a note on your bibliography page and be sure you are using it consistently and correctly).


  • 450-750 words
  • 12 point font
  • single spaced
  • use two sources, properly cited
  • original title
  • clear thesis statement
  • works cited page
  • show “revision” efforts by making significant improvements in content and organization between rough draft and final essay