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SPR 2023

Room: Leonard 320
Times: 8am, 9:35am, and 11:10am;
Tuesday and Thursday
See homepage for office hours, etc. SherwoodWeb.Org

Optional Extra Credit Tutorials

Note in D2L, you will see the display for optional Tutorials from TheySay/I Say. These are not required. But several students asked about this bonus option per the syllabus, and this is the simplest way to provide access for those who take the option.

Week 14


No meeting in person today.

Revise your Un-essay and prepare for submission Thursday.

See further revision / editing feedback from the Writing Center for a 10% bonus.


The cover letter may be written in class or at home; it is due via D2L at your final exam time. You may opt to come to the classroom to write/revise it here and get professor's feedback.

Final Exam Schedule:

Reflection Letters are your final exam. You may submit online via D2L or come to class to write and discuss with me.

003: Tues 5/2 @8am

004: Thurs 5/4 @8am

005: Tues 5/2 @10:20am