Digital Composition Literature and Pedagogy

Spring 2018

Prof. Sherwood
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This Week

Week 14


Omeka Presentations

Finish presentations from last week

DH Pedagogy

Discuss: Skills, Principles, and Habits of Mind. Digital Humanities Pedagogy: Practices, Principles and Politics. Tanya Clement.
  1. What are some generalizable "DH" skills that we might want student to acquire in a 101, 201, 301, a writing class, a literature class?

Pedagogy Intervention

Pedagogical intervention (overview)

Final reading: Literature in the Digital Age, 198-202.


  1. In-class blogging (15min): your "coda," reflecting on DH and its impact or relevance for your future study, teaching, research, and/or career.
  2. Discussion

"My own experience, and that of my students over the years, suggests that digital forms like the e-book have allowed us to better 'see' the physical book. Not until we are forced to click or swipe our way through the screens of an e-book do we realize how satisfying it is to flip through the physical leaves of a book, scanning forward to the start of the next chapter, marking the spot with a finger." (201)

"...there is no outside the digital.... The advent of the digital heralds not the death of literature, but an opportunity to look at it with fresh eyes. This is not the end of the book, but the beginnning of an exploration." (206)

Pedagogical Intervention is Due Friday, 5/4 by midnight.
Link your project to submit it

Final Project - Revision and extension of a chosen mini project is due Thurs., 5/10 by midnight.
Link your project to submit it. Also include a link to a blog post in which you describe the goals of your additions and revisions.
Link your project here to submit it.

Final Project Guidance: Email me by Sunday PM if you'd like an individual conference to discuss your final project. I'm available for an appointment between 9am and 2pm on Monday or Tuesday.

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