ENGL 771/871: Topics in Postmodern Lit: Digital Literature
Dr. Kenneth Sherwood
Summer Session I: 6/05-7/03, M-R 10:30am-12:40pm

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Final Project sharing materials

Zainab: Final Project
Nathan: Final Pedagogy Project
Carlton: Final Pedagogy Project
Tony: http://iupengl-771-871-su2017.wikispaces.com/AnthonyPino
John: Final Paper
Khuwailah: Final Pedagogy Project
Rasheedah: Final Pedagogy Project
Taylor: Final Paper
Paul: Google slide overview

1.) Upload your final project as a file to your Student Wiki Page (doc, docx, html, pdf are OK).
2.) Make a link to your final project from the Final Project Page
3.) Confirm that your Student Wiki Page also lists the four MSAs and four CAPs you completed.